My Dockerfile for setting up Octopress

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After my trouble with installing all the dependencies for Octopress I came up with the following Dockerfile for Docker. This follows the instructions from the Octopress homepage and uses RVM for managing the ruby dependencies.

# dockerfile for octopress

FROM ubuntu:14.04
MAINTAINER krrrcks <>
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

RUN apt-get update; \
  apt-get -q -y upgrade
RUN apt-get -q -y install git curl; \
  apt-get clean
RUN git clone git:// /opt/octopress
RUN curl -L | bash -s stable --ruby
ENV HOME /root
RUN echo "source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm" >> /root/.bashrc; 
RUN /bin/bash -l -c "source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm; \
  rvm install 1.9.3; \
  rvm use 1.9.3; \
  rvm rubygems latest; \
  cd /opt/octopress; \
  gem install bundler; \
  bundle install; \
  rake install" 
RUN echo "rvm use 1.9.3" >> /root/.bashrc

WORKDIR /opt/octopress
CMD ["/bin/bash"]